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Macintosh Support

An Apple Certified Macintosh technician is on-site for all your Macintosh support. We offer repair and preventive care to keep your system up and running at its full potential.

Software Services:

  • Mac troubleshooting and consulting(FREE!!! FIRST 10 MINUTS PHONE SUPPORT)
  • Software Upgrades, Installation and Removal
  • Operating System Updates and Optimizing
  • Data Recovery from crashed drives or deleted files
  • System optimization
  • Virus and malware Removal (rare on the Mac, but happened)
  • User Account Migrating and Customization

Hardwere Services:

  • Hardware Upgrades & Installation:
    • Hard Drive Replacement and cloning
    • Cracked and non functioning Laptop Screen Replacement
    • Logic Board Replacement
    • Power Supply and / or power jack Replacement
    • Laptop Keyboard Replacement
      • And much, much more. Please call with your concern

$99 Mac Tune-up Special Offer:

Macintosh support, repair, tune-up

We will:

  • Run a full set of system diagnostics to make sure that all of your hardware and software is running correctly.
  • Repair any system directory problems. These can make your computer act strangely, work slowly, or even crash and lose data.
  • Download and Install any free updates for all software you have installed, including Mac OS X, Apple updates, Application, and printer/scanner driver updates.
  • Install current internet software, including the latest versions of web browsers, email clients, and internet plug-ins, to make your Mac work optimally with as many internet services and web sites as possible.
  • Install NeoOffice or Open Office, a free, open source alternative to Microsoft Office, if you do not already have Microsoft Office this will enable your computer to open Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.
  • Install virus protection software.*
  • Remove old installers and updaters, duplicate applications, and other unneeded files to free up more room on your hard drive.
  • Reorganize your documents and files so you can find them more easily.
  • Clean your computer screen and chassis (you will be surprised at how much dust a computer can collect inside).
  • Provide you with a list of any suggested upgrades that will make your Macintosh work more efficiently, including approximate costs.
  • Turnaround in approximately 2 business days.**

* We will install Clam AV, open-source, free virus protection software, or software provided by your internet provider. 

** Typical turnaround time. If we are running significantly longer, we will let you know before you drop off your computer.

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