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Paperless Office


Document Scanning and Conversion Services

Let us take away the headache of converting your old documents to a digital format with Ideal Print and Copy’s Paperless Office service. With our high-speed duplex scanner, we can quickly and accurately turn your paper documents into a digital, PDF archive. Add on our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) option, and your documents will also be fully searchable, and editable on any word processing application.


Features of Paperless Office include:


  • Easily transfer and share your electronic documents over the Internet with others in high quality. Avoid the slowness of snail mail, or quality degradation of fax.
  • View your files on any computer, including your phone or tablet!
  • Store thousands of pages on a single media disk (CD or DVD), or copy them to your computer for instant retrieval.
  • Preserve old documents for the future before they get lost or fall apart.
  • Protect and secure documents so that they cannot be edited, or printed.
  • Archive publications that are hundreds of pages long, in a single, convenient file.
  • Put your documents online – most web browsers will automatically recognize the PDF format and display your content.
  • With our add-on OCR option, documents become fully searchable and editable.
  • Various levels of compression allow you to balance display quality and file size.
  • Convert existing digital documents (such as Microsoft Word) into PDF format, for accurate viewing on any computer.


We offer a free sample for your next conversion job. Please call us at (951) 587-6032 for a free consultation and estimated pricing!